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Deep Purple All I Got Is You
The Rock supergroup of the year, the most rumoured name since months on all magazines and music websites in the world! Sammy Hagar: Montrose founder, solo artist and singer in VAN HALEN who enjoyed more Top 10 albums and singles than original
singer David Lee Roth.
Michael Anthony: founding member of VAN HALEN. Bass player and backing vocalist (of unique high pitch style). He played on
all the VH studio albums so far.
Joe Satriani: one of the biggest guitar heroes of all time. Chad Smith: a real thunder on the drums and a member of one of the biggest Rock groups of the last 20 years with loyal dedicated
fans: Red Hot Chilli Peppers . Together, they sound like the perfect Hard Rock band of the new milliennium. VAN HALEN fans would fi nd in Chickenfoot’s debut album, the music they were waiting for for too long after Hagar’s departure from the band. “Chickenfoot” is a big American Rock album with a rich and powerful sound that was not to be found since at least 10 years. The definitive Hard Rock masterpieces from four musicians who could generate a huge amount of interest even if they were to
release a new Rock album as solo artists. Together... they are simply the best Rock band of the year.