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Deep Purple All I Got Is You

The Fozzy saga all began in 1999 when famous wrestler Chris Jericho met guitarist of Stuck Mojo Rich Ward at the WCW show in San Antonio. The friendship between the two grew quickly and Ward invited Jericho to sit-in jams with his cover band Fozzy Ozbourne. Starting out extremely quickly, they landed a record deal with their crazy get-up of a type of “show cover-band”, each member adopting a character with a story. The kick of the show was that the characters would play as if they wrote the songs they were performing and that those songs were actually stolen from them while stuck in Japan due to a bad record deal. Starting out with a “mokumentary” of the history of the band, the news spread like a wildfire pegging a spot on MTV and Much Music to break in their new record: and in October of 2000 Fozzy was truly born.


Moving through the hard rock scene extremely fast, the band adjusted adding another two guitarists, replacing the bassist and at the start of their career, writing their own material. Already seeing their second release in 2002, “Happenstance” was their first big success taking them outside of the US and away from the cover songs. The band changed dramatically during this period and throughout the next two albums now consisting of Chris Jericho (vocals, guitar), Rich Ward (guitar), Sean Delson (bass) and Frank Fontsere (drums). Maintaining a huge following, Fozzy fell into their own genre of heavy metal rock and continue to shock and rock their audiences, ripping, shredding and tearing them apart with their heavy metal stoner rock. Touring this upcoming summer, Fozzy has more to come hitting all over in Europe.


”Spread the Fozzpel cos we are huge rock stars!!”

- Chris Jericho


Having already released a previous four albums, Fozzy was already on the map as that heavy rock band with the professional wrestler for a singer. With the release of “Chasing The Grail” in Australia last year (only coming to Europe as an import), the band broke through as a more classic heavy metal band with singles ‘Martyr No More’ , ‘Let The Madness Begin’ and ‘Broken Soul’. The album was still picking up momentum with popularity, “Chasing The Grail” hit the #6 on the American Heatseekers Album charts as well as the single ‘Martyr No More’ becoming one of the official theme songs for the 2010 WWE Royal Rumble.


“Remains Alive” is a live album of all of their best songs from all Fozzy albums, recorded in Brisbane, Australia in 2005. This CD has never been physically released before and includes their top hits like ‘With The Fire’, ‘Eat The Rich’ and ‘To Kill A Stranger’. Now being released together as a 2CD set, you can enjoy the full-length studio album “Chasing The Grail” as well as all of their top hits on “Remains Alive” for the price of one! Continually conjuring the sublime ideal of what heavy stoner metal should be, Ward’s lavish bass lines mixed with Jericho’s nu-metal vocals rips the top off of the solid heavy metal scene and manifests itself into one specific sound. This is Fozzy’s turf.