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earmusic 2 in 1 album

earmusic 2 in 1 album

H.e.a.t – H.e.a.t & Freedom Rock, Stratovarius - Infinite & Intermission, Status Quo - In Search Of The Fourth Chord & Quid Pro Quo, Ian Gillan - Live In Anaheim & Gillan's Inn, Keith Emerson  - Keith Emerson Band & Moscow. Two albums for the price of one!

H.e.a.t – H.e.a.t & Freedom Rock (Out 20.07.2012)

After having built up their reputation as the new leading band in the AOR genre, singer Kenny Lackremo surprisingly left the band. Showing that there is no reason why stopping the beginning of a great career, the band joined forces with Erik Gronwall (winner of Swedish IDOL 2009) who proved to be a fantastic singer on the new album “Address The Nation” (March 2012).
For everyone who would like to upgrate their collection and witnessing the band’s career from the very start, the band is releasing their first 2 studio albums bundled in a high-class digi-pak.

H.E.A.T’s career started with their self-titled debut record “H.E.A.T” having reached worldwide acclaim in the spring of 2008. Recorded in Sweden and mixed and produced by AOR legend Michael Vail Blum in L.A. the album immediately entered the Swedish album charts. The band conquered rock and metal chart pools all over the world and became one of the most wanted new bands among the fans of melodic hard rock.

The band’s 2nd album, “Freedom Rock”, was nominated as one of the Top 50 albums in 2010 by Classic Rock Magazine UK. With catchy, uplifting Rock songs they achieved their aim “to give people a feeling of freedom, hope and joy”. The production on this album is state of the art. Each of the 13 tracks is crafted with incredible song-writing skills. The album is full of potential hit singles, or classic songs for the fans of AOR. Feel the heat when two great albums become one!

Stratovarius - Infinite & Intermission (Out 20.07.2012)

“Infinite“ is the 8th studio album released in 2000 and a real milestone in the melodic power metal scene. From the catchy opener ‘Hunting High And Low’, filled with fantastic rhythm guitar parts, harmonious vocals and a bright shining drive, to ‘Celestial Dream’, built upon a soaring symphonic and orchestral setting this album is powerful, dynamic, atmospheric and captivating from the first to the last second. Especially with “Infinite”.

Stratovarius’ fame and fan-base expanded, and they started gaining a stronger following outside Scandinavia, particularly in Japan. After the release of the best-selling album “Infinite” in 2000, Stratovarius was overwhelmed by the reactions of their fans. Never getting enough of Stratovarius’ powerful music, the dedicated fan base screamed for more. The band met their wish and decided to create something very special for them: “Intermission” - an album of 15 rare tracks which range from scare bonus songs of Japanese album releases to impressive live performances and including energetic covers of Judas Priest’s ‘Bloodstone’ and Rainbow’s ‘Kill The King’ and ‘Surrender’. Originally released in 2001, the 2in1 bundle includes the tracklist of the re-released version from 2011 featuring demo versions of the hits ‘Freedom’ and ‘Neon Light Child’.“Infinite & Intermission” - definitely a special high quality package not to miss, witnessing 2 milestones of the band within the classic line-up: Timo Kotipelto (vocals); Timo Tolkki (guitar); Jens Johansson (keyboards); Jari Kainulainen (bass) and Jörg Michael (drums).

Status Quo - In Search Of The Fourth Chord & Quid Pro Quo (Out 20.07.2012)

“In Search Of The Fourth Chord” has been one of the strongest album for Edel in 2007. The 28th studio album by the South London-formed rock veterans, Status Quo features the band‘s trademark style at its best.

Produced by Pip Williams, the producer who worked with them on the most successful songs and albums (‘Rocking All Over the World’, ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘In The Army Now’), the sense of fun, energy and passion that made Status Quo unique is still evident on all the tracks on the CD. Released in May 2011, “Quid Pro Quo” is their 29th studio album and one of their best yet! With all new material, the band shows their still current status as one of the top British rock bands in the scene. Including everything from upbeat, typical Status Quo like ‘Better Than That’ to the steady blues beat of ‘It’s All About You’ and everything in between with the virtuoso guitar riffs on ‘Frozen Hero’, this is the great classic sound of Status Quo that everyone was waiting for. Looking back at past albums, Status Quo has succeeded to grow not only in popularity but also in reputation album after album, “In Search Of The Fourth Chord” and “Quid Pro Quo” being no different from the rest.

Ian Gillan - Live In Anaheim & Gillan's Inn (Out 17.08.2012)

The official Gillan live album, approved and 100% endorsed by the artist . Live in Anaheim is recorded in Anaheim, California, at the famous House Of Blues club. An album that sounds exactly as any rock album should: powerful, fresh, with no studio corrections. And what a concert ! No doubt one of the best live albums Ian Gillan ever released. You can hear from the first notes that Ian Gillan is enjoying his time on stage (as he likes to underline between the songs “I couldn’t do this with Deep Purple, I am on vacation...”).

The concert was recorded at the end of 2006 just after the release of the album “Gillan’s Inn”. And like on that album, Ian Gillan is presenting the best of his career as a solo artist (with material from most of his albums), rarities (like “Have Love I’ll Travel” he recorded on hard to find solo album by guitarist Michael Lee Jackson) and lots of Deep Purple Songs. The mega classics “Smoke on The Water” and “Into The Fire” but also many songs that Purple played not too often (if not never) “When a Blind Man Cries”, or “Knocking at Your Back Door”, “Wasted Sunsets” or “Not Responsible” (both from the classic album “Perfect Stranger”). Great sound and great performance for one of the most loved and influential hard rock singer of all times.Originally released in 2006, nothing sums up Ian Gillan more, than “Gillan’s Inn”! Having decided to re-visit the classic songs by Deep Purple and his own solo career, Ian invited several of his friends to guest on the album to celebrate his more than 40 years spanning career as a singer while re-recording hits like ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ and ‘Unchain Your Brain’ to name just a few. “Gillan’s Inn” features re-recorded tracks from all eras with guest appearances of Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), guitarist Joe Satriani, Janick Gers (Iron Maiden), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Ronnie James Dio (Dio), Steve Morse, Jeff Healey, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and many more. In a recent interview Gillan observed that, despite the number of participants and guest appearances, this was the easiest project he ever put together.An album destined to become a classic of his solo career and a “must have” for all DEEP PURPLE fans.

Keith Emerson - Keith Emerson Band & Moscow (Out 17.08.2012)

Since the split of ELP, Emerson kept himself busy with soundtracks and live performances but he never returned with a proper band and a rock set up to the sound that all his fans love. This new version of his band features hard rock guitarist and singer Marc Bonilla as well as Gregg Bissonette (ex David Lee Roth Band and LA super session player) is also part of the band.  Keith Emerson Band feat. Marc Bonilla -an explosive combination of the classic ELP sound and modern progressive hard rock. Emerson keyboard is flamboyant and explosive more than ever and his songwriting is still top level.

After the great return of Keith Emerson in 2008 he continues in summer 2010 in Moscow, Russia, at the Moscow Theatre – where the classic ELP sound and modern progressive hard rock is captured by a Russian film crew and is presented for the first time in 5.1 Surround Sound. Several Emerson, Lake & Palmer classics, like “Karn Evil9” and ”Pictures At An Exhibition”, have been cleverly re-arranged with new guitar versions, adding entirely new elements to the already epic sound. When interviewed recently, Keith confessed, that these new re-constructions with guitar reflected more accurately the way he had originally envisioned them. Besides Emerson and Bonilla, the band members include drummer Tony Pia (Edgar Winter, Brian Setzer, Doobie Brothers) and multi-faceted newcomer Travis Davis on bass and backing vocals. This once-in-a-lifetime experience featuring the well-known “Nutcracker Suite” from Tchaikovsky as the “Nutrocker Suite”, as well as “The Barbarian” from Bartok transformed into a rock sensation.

DATE: 18.07.2012