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Ignition (Mini Album)

Ignition (Mini Album)

Release: 27.01.2012

EAN: 4029759075530

THE heavy metal reunion everybody was waiting for: One of the most unique voices in metal and rock music, ex-Helloween singer Michael Kiske, and Helloween co-founder Kai Hansen are joining forces again for the first time in 23 years!
Together with Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou of Pink Cream 69 and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus) they are forming the new metal super group UNISONIC.

Terms such as “all-star band” and “super-group” should generally be used with care. Mind you: in the case of the new band, Unisonic, an at least enthusiastic choice of words is certainly called for, in view of the fact that this exciting new group not only consists of accomplished masters in their genre but also of some of the most renowned musicians from the European rock and metal scene.
When Kiske found himself back on stage with Kai Hansen for the first time as a guest during Avantasia’s world tour and the old magic between the two former Helloween musicians returned, the idea was born to expand the Unisonic quartet into a quintet. Following unanimous approval from Meyer, Ward and Zafi riou, Hansen was confirmed as the permanent fifth man.
Many fans all over the world had been hoping for this for years, now it does come true - Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen teamed up again – this is the long awaited reunion of two heavy rock legends! Before releasing their self-titled debut studio album which by many is considered “one of the metal albums of the year“, Unisonic comes up with a teaser mini-album/EP called “Ignition”.
“The world doesn’t need another pure project,” comments Kai Hansen, who – together with Ward and Meyer – is responsible for the song writing in Unisonic and has had a clear vision from the beginning: “I’d define our style as a tougher variety of hard rock, sounding very fl exible and diverse yet all of a piece.”

Unisonic’s music is very versatile and shows a broad approach to heavy rock, but never misses the power and strong, sticking melodies that made all the members famous in the metal scene in the first place. Singer Michael Kiske says: “It feels great to finally bring the band to the studio and record the songs we’ve been working on for some time. We took our time to grow as a real band, but it defi nitely was worth it and we are very proud of the result!” Bassist/producer Dennis Ward adds: “We have a bunch of very strong songs and can‘t wait until people can hear them. Everyone in the band is looking very positive into the future.”

Unisonic will let the (rocking) facts speak for themselves from January 2012: along with the two album tracks ‘Unisonic’ and ‘My Sanctuary’, the EP “Ignition” will feature a version of the Helloween classic ‘I Want Out’, recorded at the 2011 Loud Park Festival in Tokyo/Japan, and a demo version of the album song ‘Souls Alive’.

Unisonic’s “Ignition” is a real collector’s item including 2 new songs and 2 rarities bundled in a nice digi-pak.
Volume 1


My sanctuary

Souls alive (Demo Version)

I want out (Live Version)