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Deep Purple All I Got Is You


Release: 30.03.2012

EAN: 4029759075462

[Translate to Englisch:] A few years ago, in Hamburg, a bunch of young musicians in love with metal and rock and roll, with a bag full of dreams and exciting riffs recorded a
few songs for a metal compilation, dreaming that one day the whole world would get to listen to their music.
A few months later, they were sharing stages at the biggest festivals all over the world with their English idols Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
Their albums were suddenly considered “classic”. This band was called Helloween. Many years later, the band is still delivering strong albums and is
at the top of the game. But for many fans classics like ‘Keeper Of The Seventh Keys Part 1 and 2’, bring back one thing: the memory of the last metal
singer/guitarist iconic couple: Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske. After Helloween, Hansen started his own band, Gamma Ray, and remained a cult metal
fi gure. It was Kiske, who remained in Helloween longer, to surprise everybody when he decided to not being part of the metal world anymore, after
leaving Helloween 16 years ago.
The question was on every metal fan´s mind: how can such a great singer decide not to play this music anymore? Why don´t Hansen and Kiske just
show them all... and go back and play together again, re-creating that magic sound that so many bands tried to copy?
When nobody was really hoping for this to happen, the answer showed up: UNISONIC. And it´s happening now.
Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are joining forces again for the fi rst time in 23 years! Together with Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Kosta Zafi riou
(ex Pink Cream 69) and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus). Metal super-band? If you like...
A few days after the premiere of the band’s fi rst single and supporting video of the title track ‘Unisonic’, it had been honoured with well over 150.000
clicks on YouTube accompanied by amazing comments. The teaser Mini-Album “Ignition”, which had been released just this January, was sold out
immediately, receiving fantastic media and fans’ feedback. So it´s Unisonic´s debut album “Keeper of The Seventh Keys part.3”? No. It´s not. It´s much more than that.
Hansen and Kiske, together with Ward, Meyer and Zafi riou have fused the many sides of heavy rock and metal they love. “UNISONIC” is heavy,
melodic and challenging. A very versatile album that offers a broad range of styles. From ballads to riff-driven heavy rock, never missing the power
and strong, sticking melodies which made all the members famous in the metal scene in the fi rst place. And yes, the magic, the spark and that unique
talent to play metal with killing melodies of Helloween is there too...
From the fi rst track, ‘Unisonic’, up to ‘Renegade’, ‘My Sanctuary’ and the catchy ‘Star Rider’ - UNISONIC shows it all: the songs are speedy, often
really loud, sometimes wild, but by all means melodic.
“Unisonic” is going to be available in various formats. Alongside the 11 track featuring standard version, the special (mediabook) edition in hardcase
will carry the bonus track ‘Over The Rainbow‘ and all lyrics will be enclosed within a 40 page booklet. The Vinyl / CD edition will feature both, disc and
vinyl, in one package.
It defi nitely is THE highlight metal album of the year. Nostalgia, aside...
Volume 1


Souls Alive

Never Too Late

I've Tried

Star Rider

Never Change Me


My Sanctuary

King for a Day

We Rise

No One Ever Sees Me