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Five questions from Nina Jiers of Neopera to Tarja

Nina Jiers Neopera Tarja Turunen

Nina Jiers Neopera Tarja Turunen

The debut album by Neopera 'Destined Ways' will be released July 18th 2014 in Germany and August 29th in the rest of the world. Tarja 'Left In The Dark' & Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana 'Beauty & The Beat' OUT NOW! Neopera are Jörn Schubert (DARK AGE), Dirk Schlächter (GAMMA RAY), Mikis Trimborn (SYNDEMIC), Mirko Gluschke, Nina Jiers, Thorsten Schuck & Thorsten Harnitz. More info and song videos on

Read the interview with Neopera's female singer Nina Jiers (Sporano) and Tarja, here:

Nina Jiers: "First of all I have to say that you are one of my biggest idols and I have been watching your career for many years now. I learned very much from you by listening to your music... and I really wonder, how do you do all this? Where do you get all the energy, the inspiration, the time for all this awesome projects that inspire so many people in the whole world?"

Tarja: "Thank you for the kind words! I feel privileged to be able to make an international career as a singer and work with people that respect me. Singing is the thing in my life that without it I would become very sick. I am living my dream and making music makes me happy. It is wonderful to be able to feel free with your art! I think it is that pure love that I have for music and singing that my fans all over the world can feel when they see or hear me singing. What inspires me is the people I work with, the environment and the fact that I am happy with my art."

Nina Jiers:  "Being on tour for long periods of time.. with so many guys... is a very special challenge, I think. How do you manage to care for your physical and psychical health, especially for your voice? Did it become easier from time to time, or is it still demanding? Was it ever demanding? :D"

Tarja: "It is never easy to be on the road as a singer. The climate changes, time differences and challenges in environments are demanding. I need to train hard physically during many weeks before tours and also I am taking singing lessons to make sure that I am on the correct track. During the tours I try not to get myself too tired with other activities rather than singing, because the shows are eating a lot of energy from me. But I also keep on training my voice on tours, which is very important.
I have to be honest and tell you that in my previous band, no one really understood the fact that I needed to take care of my voice and to be aware of how fragile it is. It was very hard to keep on practicing while others were smoking right next to you or during nights I couldn't get any sleep because the guys were partying. Also the fact that I am a woman was forgotten so many times. Not that I needed someone to open a door for me or serve me like a queen, I just needed them to realize that I am a woman who sometimes needs her private place. We were young at that time, but I still believe you can be young but not necessarily you need to be stupid. Nevertheless, nowadays the situation is totally different. My male musicians are experienced, intelligent and very nice people. I am having such a good time with them and never I have had problems like in the past."

Nina Jiers:  "What does an average Tarja day look like on tour and at home?"

Tarja: "On tour I wake up quite late, since I am not sleeping very well in the moving bus or in the planes. I always miss the breakfast! I enjoy the lunch, take care of my baby and get ready for the sound check. After sound check I am starting to prepare my make up, hair and clothes ready for the show. I warm up my voice again just before the show and go through all the songs in my mind. After the show I have a shower, eat a salad and enjoy the last hours with my baby before getting to bed with her again. At home I enjoy being the house wife for my husband and mother for my daughter. I clean, cook and in general take care of myself when being at home. I also take singing lessons, teach my students and work out a lot."

Nina Jiers:  "Recently I wrote my bachelor thesis about women in metal including a chapter about you. Did you always feel as accepted and welcomed in the metal business as your male colleagues? How was that feeling when you started your career and how is it today?"

Tarja: "I think everybody in the metal genre thought that I am a weird bird in the beginning, since I come totally from a different background. But nevertheless, they always respected me as I am. There has always been that trust between me and my metal audience, since I have been very frank and honest with them. I didn't know much about metal when I joined a metal band in the beginning, but the experience really opened my eyes."

Nina Jiers: "I assume, as an artist you are totally free to do whatever you wish for... at least it seams to be like that, maybe I'm wrong... but is there anything you still would like to achieve?"

Tarja: "I love challenges in general and I am very eager to jump into them when there is a chance. Maybe one day I would like to still take part in an opera and rehearse for real for a role, but that needs to happen only when I don't have any other compromises."




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DATE: 15.07.2014