A side: Outlanders / A Peaceful Place (return to the Oasis) feat. Walter Giardino

Tarja Turunen   Published by Stormblast Publishing 

B side: Outlanders / Echoes Seven24 & Rediit Acoustic ReMix feat. Jennifer Batten

Adrian Dimitri Andrew Zagoritis / Thorsten Stenzel / Angela Heldmann / Tarja Turunen Published by Universal Music Publishing International Ltd. / Universal Music Publishing GmbH / Casablanca MV / EMI Publishing International Ltd.

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As for the last single for Outlanders before the album release, I was happy to revisit my own Oasis. The very first song that I wrote and that got released back in the days, which makes the song very close to my heart. 


With Outlanders the song is reborn as we managed to take it to a different place which I could have never imagined when I wrote it just with my piano 16 years ago.


I decided to write English lyrics to make it special for Outlanders. 


I was still living in Buenos Aires, Argentina when I asked my local friend, guitarist Walter Giardino to put his magic into A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis). Walter was the very first guitar player that helped us to start with Outlanders and he really captured the soul and idea of what we were looking for it with Torsten. In A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis) you can hear his amazing talent both with acoustic and electric guitars.


I hope my song can take you to a different journey and that you could find a peaceful place where you can feel safe and free.


Vocals Tarja

Programming Torsten

Guitars Walter Giardino


Recorded and engineered at English Harbour Studios & Embassy Studio Antigua & Barbuda by Torsten Stenzel


Vocals recorded by Tarja at Stardust III, Marbella, Spain

Guitars recorded by Mario Altamirano at Estudio Sonata and co-produced by Tarja, Walter and MIC

Additional Programming and Keys Production by Marco Torrance


Produced and mixed by Torsten Stenzel, Tarja & MIC

Mastered by Tom Porcell Mastering 


Executive Producer Marcelo Cabuli for NEMS Enterprises SRL

Art Direction Tarja & MIC

Antigua & Barbuda Photographs by Alexis Andrews

Artwork by Sebastian Freimauer

Album recorded and mixed using Genelec Studio Monitors

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