Tarja Turunen   Published by Universal Music Publishing GmbH 

Texts from ”Elämä – Kauneimmat mietelauseet”, ”Piedrajoen rannalla istuin ja itkin” and ”Alkemisti” by Paulo Coelho  Published by Bazar Kustannus


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This song was the beginning for our project. I had written Outlanders in 2010 and asked Torsten to work on it, because the song had a different feel compared to my other songs. 

I got my inspiration from Alan Parson’s songs “Return to Tunguska” and “L’Arc en Ciel” where David Gilmour plays the guitar. I wanted to create something similar, but to add my vocals to it. My own collaboration with Schiller for the song “Tired of Being Alone” planted the seed and I felt there was something else out there for me to try out.

I thought of using my voice as an instrument and why not, some spoken texts could fit into that relaxed mood.

 Throughout many years I had also been inspired by author Paulo Coelho’s books, so I contacted Paulo to ask permission to use some of his texts for the song. I was willing to speak about following your dreams and who could do that better than Paulo.

When I wrote the song, at that time, I was still living in Buenos Aires where I had made friends with Argentinean guitarist Walter Giardino. I asked him to play on it and he did an amazing job.  

When I had the song ready, with Torsten living in Antigua, Walter in Spain, Paulo in Switzerland and myself in Argentina, the name came as a sign and Outlanders the song, and therefore the project and concept was born.

Vocals Tarja

Programming Torsten

Guitars Walter Giardino


Recorded and engineered at English Harbour Studios & Embassy Studio Antigua & Barbuda by Torsten Stenzel

Vocals and spoken text recorded by Torsten Stenzel at Enlglish Harbour Studios Antigua & Barbuda 

Guitars recorded by Mario Altamirano at Estudio Sonata and co-produced by Tarja, Walter and MIC


Produced and mixed by Torsten Stenzel, Tarja & MIC

Co-produced by Mike Oldfield

Mastered by Tom Porcell Mastering 


Executive Producer Marcelo Cabuli for NEMS Enterprises SRL

Art Direction Tarja & MIC

Antigua & Barbuda Photographs by Alexis Andrews

Artwork by Sebastian Freimauer

Album recorded and mixed using Genelec Studio Monitors