Outlanders - Visualizers

Instead of focusing all the efforts into 1 or 2 videos to promote the first singles, we decided to film images for all the songs recorded for Outlanders.

The main reason was for us to be able to show you the beautiful island of Antigua.


These videos are colorful mood captures of the island without any script or story behind them, deprived from any post production and not meant to be understood as music videos. We call them visualizers.

The filming was done by using only iPhone 13 Pro Max in combination with a drone DJI Maverick 4K.


For me it is nice to listen music while you have an image synchronized with it, so I hope these visualizers will help you to discover our music while at the same time the unspoiled, natural paradise, Antigua.

The Cruellest Goodbye

During the first year of pandemic and just after getting out of the mandatory quarantine, I was not able to travel to Antigua since there were no flights going. While the images from Torsten were taken in Antigua, as for the rest of the visualizers we filmed, we decided to work with Tim Tronckoe in Marbella, Spain for a video of one of the chosen first singles. We did a photo shooting for my book during the day and when the sun went down we headed for the beach. During the night time, we filmed images for The Cruellest Goodbye video near by my home. The ocean breeze was beautiful and the weather just perfect for filming. I sang the song several times while Tim was directing and filming me. The set up was the most simple one; just a light and the camera. As the song is very touching and emotional, the images we captured are very intimate and fitting to the mood of the song. It was very nice to work with my friend Tim again.

Closer To The Sky

The location for this visualizer is the Hodges Bay Resort & Spa where you can see the magnificent Boonji Spaceman from @brendanmurphyart