19. June 2015

With their first single ‘Cocoon’ ricocheting off the airwaves and much critical acclaim for their brand new studio album Kablammo!, Ash have now unleashed a second track  ‘Free’ from their latest album. 

In contrast to the blazing guitars and power pop of ‘Cocoon’, ‘Free’ provides one of Kablammo!’s most anthemic moments. “In the pool of half remembered dreams,” Tim Wheeler laments “How long have I been submerged in sleep?”, his soaring falsetto echoing above an impatient chug of guitars, a cry to cutting loose replete with an achingly emotive guitar solo.

As Mark Hamilton explains - “Free hits you somewhere else.  It hits you in the soul.  Instead of a punch in the face it’s all about the heart.”  Rick McMurray adds – “It explores the end of a relationship, people going in different directions.”  
The accompanying video is directed by film and video director Mat Whitecross whose previous credits include Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Take That and Jay-Z. 

On ‘Kablammo! Ash set out to capture the live essence of Ash, the closest sonic predecessor being 2004's 'Meltdown', they say, with the songwriting of the 'Free All Angels' singles. 
“We've stripped away the electronic overtones of the A-Z series and made a streamlined blazing guitar record.” ‘Kablammo!’ – sums up the excitement Ash felt “to be in a room together making new music.” And this renewed enthusiasm for playing together is writ large over the album’s 12 tracks, the ‘in your face’ quality” which has made Ash one of the UK’s best -loved band.

What Press Says About ‘Kablammo!’:

“We’ve been waiting a while for their comeback but, in truth, it sounds like Ash have never been away” (Kerrrang! UK)

"Tim Wheeler and Co's liveliest effort in years….filled with songs primed for festival dates this summer" (The Sun, UK)

„The most perfectly-named album of all time and one of the year’s best“ (The Sunday Mail, UK)

“KABLAMMO! is exuberant and energetic!” (Alternative Press, USA)

“KABLAMMO! is an adrenaline assault with an infectious gung-ho spirit that deserves a hearty rock ‘n’ roll salute….a triumph!” (Pop Matters, USA)

“KABLAMMO! gives us a band at their best” (Ondarock IT)

"Sublime in their exciting immediacy" (Rockerilla, IT)

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