SAGA22. April 2014

SAGA to release their brand new studio album “Sagacity” on June 27th, 2014 on earMUSIC

Limited European Tour Mini Album to be made exclusively available on tour and via selected retailers

With SAGA’s new album “Sagacity”, the Canadian progressive rockers manage to keep their characteristic sound alive while adding a modern touch to their music.

Or as Michael Sadler puts it:
"For me this album marks a return to many of the signature elements that put Saga on the map at the onset of the band’s career, while maintaining a firm grip on the here and now. The balance between past, present and future is the key and I think that’s what we’ve managed to achieve. Quite simply, this is SAGA…2014!"

He certainly got it right. “Sagacity” does neither lack the striking guitar riffs which go hand in hand with the extensive keyboard arrangement nor Michael Sadler’s characteristic voice. SAGA welcomes you with an enjoyable familiarity and an album full of 12 progressive rock anthems.

The album will be released as Standard Edition, Special Edition incl. bonus live CD, Vinyl and Download on June 6th, 2014 on earMUSIC.

Sagacity – the English expression which stands for wisdom and cleverness – pun intended – has always been a huge part of the band’s philosophy. SAGA has gotten wiser over the years which shows in their thoughtful, multileveled lyrics. They have gotten smarter with their music arrangements, always leaving the listener amazed with their creativity and inventiveness. Their richness of ideas reflects on the typical but always newly sounding keyboard sounds as well as in its striking melodies. On top of it, it’s Michael Sadler’s distinctive voice which molds the sound of SAGA, and he does so in an extremely good way. 
“Sagacity” has it all – and more.
The special edition includes a bonus CD, “Saga Hits”, including nine live recordings from an energetic performance at the SWR1 Rockarena festival in 2013. Ranging from one classic like “The Cross” to “On The Loose”, the bonus CD surely captures the incredible live athmosphere of that night.

Coinciding with the album release, SAGA will tour all over Europe on a double headliner tour with Magnum. 
Exclusively for this tour, the band decided to give their fans a sneak peek of their new music. To be made available in the limited quantity of 1.000 only on tour and via a few selected retailers, the European tour mini album will feature one new song taken from the upcoming album “Sagacity”, the strikingly taking “Anywhere You Wanna Go” from their recent success “20/20” as well as three live versions: “Careful Where You Step”, the Japanese bonus track of “20/20” and for the first time available in Europe, “Wind Him Up” which is included on the bonus CD “Saga Hits” and “On The Loose” from their 2013 live release “Spin It Again – Live In Munich”. What a treat!

There is just one thing left to say: welcome to SAGA 2014!

Limited European Tour Mini Album – Tracklist
1. new song
taken from the upcoming studio album "Sagacity" - out in June 2014.
2. Anywhere You Wanna Go
taken from the 2012 studio album "20/20" - out now.
3. Careful Where You Step (Live)
Japanese bonus track from the 2012 studio album "20/20" - for the first time available in Europe.
4. Wind Him Up (Live)
Included on the upcoming bonus CD "Saga Hits" of the special edition of the studio album "Sagacity" - out in June 2014.
5. On The Loose (Live)
taken from the 2013 live release "Spin It Again - Live In Munich" - out now.

Tourdates 2014

25.04. Oslo – Rockefeller (NOR)
27.04. Copenhagen – Amager Bio (DK)
30.04. Worpsewede – Musichall (GER)
01.05. Osnabrück – Rosenhof (GER)
02.05. Bergen op Zoom – Gebouw-T (NL)
03.05. Leeuwarden –  (NL)
05.05. Verviers – Route 66 (BE)

08.05. Dortmund – FZW (GER)
09.05. Köln - E-Werk (GER)
10.05. Emden – Nordseehalle (GER)
12.05. Hamburg – Docks (GER)
13.05. Berlin – Huxley’s Neue Welt (GER)
15.05. Saarbrücken – Garage (GER)
16.05. Filderstadt – Filharmonie (GER)
17.05. Offenbach – Capitol (GER)
19.05. Regensburg - Airport-Obertraubling (GER)
20.05. Nürnberg – Rockfabrik (GER)
22.05. München - Circus Krone (GER)
23.05. Pratteln - Z7 (CH)
24.05. Ravensburg - Club-Oberschwabenhalle (GER)
25.05. Augsburg – Stectrum (GER)