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Angra released the new music video for “Black Widow’s Web”, from the album “Ømni”. The video features the special participation of the singers Sandy and Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) and was directed by Leo Liberti of Libertà Films Group, who also worked on several videos, such as “Lying In State” of Megadeth.

Watch the video clip of “Black Widow’s Web“:


Black Widow’s Web” talks about loneliness and what it does to people. Among the main subjects are teen suicide, couples who do not look at each other, pedophilia, social media and the internet, video games, drugs, that is, everything is a refuge. “In every refuge, there is always a hidden demon that wants to get you in some way, whether brutal or not”, said the director Leo Liberti.

“Age does not matter! I see myself all the time using ‘Pepa Pig’ to help my son to be quiet and eat his food. And he’s involved in the video just by doing that. We are all immersed in this huge network. Surely everyone should be reading this note because it’s on the network! There is no escape”, he adds.

The music video features the special participation of Sandy, who is deeply admired by the guitarist and vocalist Rafael Bittencourt and director Leo Liberti. “Working with Sandy was a gift. I feel privileged to have the respect of an artist such as her. She was practically born on a stage, so it was a learning experience to watch closely the performance of this beloved Brazilian diva. She has an intimate relation with the lights and a performance that’s worthy of the great icons of world music, not mentioning her tuning and impeccable technical preparation. I just have to thank the universe for giving me such an opportunity”, said Rafael.

“When I started writing the screenplay, I really wanted Sandy not to just come out as a “singer of one verse”. He wanted her to be the personification of the black widow’s archetype. The seemingly sweet and seductive web that leads you to death. And as a true rocker who listens from Beatles to Slipknot, he only knew that Sandy was the daughter of “Chitãozinho and Xororó” and that she had recorded a version of a song by Roupa Nova. In short, Sandy means rock too, in the most primitive sense of the word. She let me write the script the way I wanted, and she’s much more concerned with art than with picture. It’s not every singer who, without questioning, goes into a tub of blood under a cross, with four candles next to her in a church,” said the director. In addition to the whole history of music, the music video features such unusual scenes of Sandy in a tub filled with fake blood and the participation of Alissa White-Gluz, which was recorded directly from Canada, her native land.

Currently formed by Fabio Lione (vocals), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Bruno Valverde (drums), the band is excited about the new phase of Angra and the release of this music video. The band is presenting the album “ØMNI” all over the planet, with 100 confirmed dates so far.

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