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Laith Al-Deen releases his second single 'Dein Begleiter'
Laith Al-Deen23/02/2024

Laith Al-Deen  releases his second single ‘Dein Begleiter through earMUSIC. 

Laith Al-Deen releases his latest single Dein Begleiter’, a heartfelt anthem about the loyal companions who go with us through all of life’s ups and downs. With a haunting melody and touching lyrics, the song captures the importance of these reliable ones who guide us through good and bad times. ‘Dein Begleiter’ invites listeners to embark on an emotional journey and explore the valuable relationships that strengthen and support us throughout our lives.

Laith Al-Deen - Dein Begleiter

Listen to ‘Dein Begleiter’ HERE

There is hardly anyone in Germany who has never heard the name Laith Al-Deen. The singer of hits such asBilder von Dir’, ‘Dein Lied’ and ‘Keine Wie Du’ has had a significant influence on German pop from the very beginning, selling millions of records, earning numerous gold records and top chart positions and creating some catchy tunes.


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