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Loverboy releases the Album ‘Live in ’82‘  through earMUSIC. 

‘Live in ’82’, one of Loverboy’s most incredible live performances will be released on June 7 the, 2024. Available for the very first time, in high definition on limited CD+Blu-ray, LP+DVD as well as digital streaming and download. A live performance from a band who helped define the golden era of 80’s music was captured like lightning in a bottle by Paul Dean who restored 16mm film from his personal archive.

Listen to ‘Live in ’82’ HERE

The story of Loverboy is akin to a Hollywood movie. Overcoming rejection to eventually becoming one of Canada’s most successful rock bands of all time and selling millions of albums in the process, is a feel-good story for the ages. For more than 40 years, Loverboy have been delighting audiences around the world since forming in 1979. The year 1982 represented an extremely successful year for the rock band with extremely successful arena shows in the course of their second studio album, the multi-platinum awarded US Top 10 record “Get Lucky” (featuring various hit singles such as ‘Working For The Weekend’, ‘When It’s Over’, ‘Lucky Ones’ and ‘Take Me To The Top’), and winning no less than six Canadian JUNO Awards, a record that still stands today.

Watch the live performance ‘Working For The Weekend’ HERE


Loverboy - Live in '82

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‘Live in ’82’, is a wonderful period piece and Loverboy are just as we remember them – full of smiles, energy and confidence, outrageous hairstyles, colorful clothing, and great music.

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