Status Quo23. July 2014

When the original line-up of Status Quo reunited for a 9-dates UK tour in March of this year the outpouring of approval and raw emotion from the fans was incredible.  Rossi, Parfitt, Lancaster and Coghlan received a rapturous response; the band clicked straight back into their groove, the chemistry obvious, the music stunning and the volume almost overpowering.
Now the band are delighted to announce the release of “The Frantic Four Reunion 2013” a range of live material recorded on the tour.

Every format will document a different moment of the fantastic tour.
The Blu-Ray / DVD release will feature the full show live from Wembley in London (both formats will also include a single CD of selected tracks from the show).  There will be a double CD recorded live London´s Apollo Hammersmith. In a nod to their classic 1976 release “Live!”, the vinyl version will be released, taking the form of a double LP recorded live in Glasgow, with audio taken from both the shows.
The full tour (9 full concerts) will be playable as audio extra on the Blu-Ray edition. 

For those who really want to hold a document of the full tour, a single print run, earBOOK will include the Blu-ray and the DVD, the 2 Hammersmith CDs, the single Wembley CD and an exclusive disc of video extras filmed on tour and at rehearsals. The book itself boasts 120 lavish pages packed with outstanding photography from across the tour, both on and offstage, and rehearsals providing a real window onto the Frantic Four dates. The earBOOK was written by Ian Woods, Senior Correspondent for Sky News and features photography by original tour photographer Danny Clifford; both his vintage material and exclusive live and backstage material from the reunion shows.

The release dates for all formats is 27th September 2013 across Europe.

The Frantic Four tour was a highlight in a career that has seen the band achieve more than anyone dreamed possible.  As Classic Rock said of the London show, “The band hit every song home just like in that other kind of dream, the one where you do everything right.”
The Times said, “It sounded fantastic. And they, like us, were clearly getting a tremendous kick out of revisiting these long-neglected songs.”

Status Quo manager Simon Porter said, “This was a real moment in the chequered history of Status Quo, after almost 30 years of acrimony, and 10 years of law suits and court battles.  Just 2 years ago the thought of the Frantic Four performing again was unthinkable. Now, 50 years on from when Francis and Alan first performed together as schoolboys, it was fitting that everything came full circle for these shows.” These live releases are a fantastic way to relive one of the most talked about moments in this band’s unparalleled career.