Devil's Train17. December 2012

Devil's Train have announced today that they started working on new compositions for their next release, which will be, once again, recorded in Prophecy & Music Factory Studios in Germany, and produced by R.D Liapakis. The release date is to be scheduled at a later time.

Frontman - producer Liapakis comments: " .... once again, it will be a feast
of Pure Rock'n'Roll, with all the heaviness, and, as always, full of heart and soul ... But at the same time we feel like we are taking everything to the next level, in terms of composition, flavor and edge ... The four of us have a great chemistry together, and this will show once more, only a lot more ... "

Devil's Train are already scheduling new concerts for 2013. Stay tuned in the band's official website for more info on their latest activities.