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Alice Cooper26/04/2024

Alice Cooper releases ‘Breadcrumbs’ as a special edition through earMUSIC.

Inspired by the rebellious energy of the late 60s and early 70s punk scene, Alice Cooper returns to his roots and the unpolished garage sound that his fans love so much. Previously only available as a limited and now out-of-print 10″ vinyl, this gem is now finally being released as a nice price CD edition.

The release contains the six tracks from the original 10″, which showcase Cooper‘s raw and energetic interpretation of classic Detroit songs: ‘Your Mama Won’t Like Me’ by Suzi Quatro, Bob Seger’s ‘East Side Story’, MC5’s ‘Sister Anne’, Shorty Long’s ‘Devil With A Blue Dress On’ and The Dirtbombs’ ‘Chains of Love’. All are performed in the popular and well-known Alice Cooper style. In addition, this release includes the two bonus tracks ‘Don’t Give Up’, Cooper‘s message of hope and appeal to the perseverance of his fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a live version of ‘Go Man Go’ from his electrifying set at Hellfest 2022.

Available everywhere from today! Just the thing for all lovers of Alice Cooper’s music and unadulterated rock’n’roll.

Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs

Order “Breadcrumbs” HERE.

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