08/08/2022 Savatage
Savatage Reissue Dead Winter Dead and The Wake Of Magellan on vinyl
The Savatage reissue series continues with 1995's 'Dead Winter Dead' and 1997's 'The Wake Of Magellan'.
05/08/2022 H.E.A.T
H.E.A.T release new album 'Force Majeure'
Today sees the release of 'Force Majeure' - the brand-new album from H.E.A.T and it is nothing short of magnificent.
05/08/2022 Status Quo
Status Quo To Release New Best Of Album - 'Quo'ing In - The Best of The Noughties'
Status Quo will release a new compilation 'Quo'ing In - The Best Of The Noughties'. It's the definitive collection of 'Quo'.
01/08/2022 Al Di Meola
Saturday Night In San Francisco Hits Number 1
Number 1 in the Official German Jazz Charts - Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia with the sublime 'Saturday Night In San Francisco'
29/07/2022 Last In Line
Last In Line Release The Beatles A Day In The Life Along with EP
Last In Line release their single and video for 'A Day In The Life' today featuring members of Def Leppard, Ozzy, Black Sabbath and Dio.
29/07/2022 Loudness
New Loudness album 'Sunburst' and new video 'OEOEO' now available
Today sees the release of the brand-new Loudness album 'Sunburst', along with the single 'OEOEO'.
27/07/2022 The Damned
The Damned A Night Of A Thousand Vampires Announced
The Damned, will release the long-awaited 'A Night Of A Thousand Vampires' on 28th of October, 2022.
26/07/2022 Deep Purple
Deep Purple Bombay Calling Live in 95 to be Released
Deep Purple will reissue the much-loved 'Bombay Calling - Live in 95' considered "the best rock show ever staged in India" on ltd edition formats.
22/07/2022 Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons re-releases 'The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Live in Columbia'
'The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Live in Columbia' is being reissued on ltd edition vinyl. A big hit with fans, this is a must-have collectors item
15/07/2022 Savatage
Savatage Reissue Edge of Thorns and Handful of Rain on vinyl
The Savatage reissue series continues with 'Edge of Thorns' and 'Handful of Rain' - two albums held in high esteem by fans and musicians alike.