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Jon Lord03/09/2019

earMUSIC is proud to announce the release of three Jon Lord re-issues on September 27th, 2019.

With his legendary organ blues-rock sound, Deep Purple’s founder and soul, Jon Lord has influenced decades of rock music. He is with no doubt the pioneer of fusing rock and classical/baroque forms and became one of the most important composers of the last decades. Already during his early career as the keyboardist of legendary Hard Rock band Deep Purple, Lord found his passion for orchestral music. The love for both genres culminated in Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra which he first performed together with Deep Purple in 1969 and which now marks one of the historic moments not only in rock music but music in general


Jon Lord Sarabande Cover 500px


  1. Fantasia
  2. Sarabande
  3. Aria
  4. Gigue
  5. Bouree
  6. Pavane
  7. Caprice
  8. Finale

Originally recorded in 1976, Sarabande is a return of Jon Lord to the era of Johann Sebastian Bach, who clearly was a big influence on the keyboardist’s whole career. Following the passion for classical music, Lord decided to name every track on the album after a dance title, following the theme of a baroque dance suite. Containing exclusively Lord’s own compositions, Sarabande definitely belongs to the highlights of Jon Lord’s impressive solo career. Now the classic-rock fusion masterpiece is going to be released with the iconic album cover newly imaged and mastered for CD and Vinyl.

Sarabande will be available as 1LP Gatefold and CD Digipak and can be pre-ordered here:


Jon Lord Gemini Suite Cover


  1. Guitar: Solist Albert Lee
  2. Piano: Solist Jon lord
  3. Drums: Solist Ian Paice
  4. Vocals: Solist Yvonne Elliman / Tony Ashton
  5. Bass guitar: Solist Roger Glover
  6. Organ: Solist Jon Lord

The Gemini Suite was first performed in September 1970 at the Royal Festival Hall and was recorded the following year at the Abbey Road and De Lane Lea studios as the first solo project of Jon Lord. It is a six piece classic-rock fusion work inspired by the members of Deep Purple and was recorded with the London Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Oscar winner Malcolm Arnold and is featuring the guest musicians Albert Lee, Yvonne Elliman, Tony Ashton as well as the two other Deep Purple members Ian Paice and Roger

Glover. The album was re-mastered from the original stereo mixes at Abbey Road studios and received a new interpretation of the iconic album artwork.

Gemini Suite will be available as 1LP Gatefold and is already available as a CD Digipak. Both formats can be ordered here:

WINDOWS (1974)

Cover Jon Lord Windows


  2. Window
    • 1st Movement/Renga
    • 2nd Movement/Gemini
    • 3rd Movement/Alla Marcia Allegro

Windows consists of two parts. “Continuo on B.A.C.H” is a realisation of an unfinished fugue by J. S. Bach, which he based on a scale using the notes represented by his own name (B.A.C.H.). Lord and his creative partner Eberhard Schoener, who also directed the orchestra on this recording, interpreted and finished the fugue. “Window” is based on the idea of a form of chain poetry called Renga, developed during the 14th century in Far-East, where a group of poets co-writing would lock themselves away, writing each verse in turn and continue until the finished product emerged. The band for this special occasion was star-studded with musicians like Jon Lord’s former bandmates David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes as well as Tony Ashton, Ray Fenwick and Pete York. The album was re-mastered from the original stereo mixes at Abbey Road studios.

Windows will be available as 2LP Gatefold and is already available as a CD Digipak. Both formats can be ordered here:

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