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Hollywood Vampires release their first live album "Live in Rio"
Hollywood Vampires02/06/2023

 The rock supergroup consisting of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen release “Live in Rio”, including a music video for “Raise The Dead”. 

”Live In Rio is an excellent live document with a sterling sound. The star-studded bands performance is solid and an exuberant joy of performing is ever present” – Sweden Rock Magazine 

In 2015, the Hollywood Vampires not only released their first album, but also played one of their biggest concerts, which will now be released as their first live album. After this success and the media interest in the ultimate rock group, sold-out concerts and tours all over the world followed and in 2019, finally, the second album “Rise”. Over 50,000 physical units sold, millions of streams and worldwide cover stories in major magazines later, fans, press and the band were ready to bring these songs to the stage. Unfortunately, part of the tour had to be postponed due to the pandemic and will finally be made up for this summer. Fittingly, the first live album will be released a few days earlier, today on 02 June 2023. 

The new album “Live in Rio” is out now as CD+DVD Digipak, CD+Blu-ray Digipak, limited & numbered 2LP Gatefold Black and can be ordered and streamed HERE. 

After three singles released so far + music videos for “I Got A Line On You”, “My Generation” and “Manic Depression”, there will be another music video for “Raise The Dead”. The track was written by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin, Joseph Witkin and Robert Klonel, making it the only original Hollywood Vampires song on the album. A statement by the band that rock ‘n’ roll is immortal and lives on even if the original creators are no longer in this world. It is a hymn to those who have pushed the boundaries of the rock genre and inspired generations of musicians. 

Watch the music video of “Raise The Dead” HERE. 

Hollywood Vampires on tour in Europe in 2023: June 8 – Bucharest, Rumania 

June 10 – Istanbul, Turkey 

June 12 – Sofia, Bulgaria 

June 15 – Clisson, France 

June 17 – Pink Pop, Netherlands 

June 18 – Gras Pop, Belgium 

June 20 – Oberhausen, Germany 

June 21 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg 

June 23 – Grenchen, Swizerland 

June 24 – Munich, Germany 

June 25 – Paris, France 

June 27 – Hamburg, Germany 

June 28 – Berlin, Germany 

June 30 – Mainz, Germany 

July 1 – Sperksen, Austria 

July 2 – Marostica, Italy 

July 5 – Scarborough, UK 

July 7 – Swansea, UK 

July 8 – Manchester, UK 

July 9 – London, UK 

July 11 – Birmingham, UK 

July 12 – Glasgow, UK 

July 15 – Stuttgart, Germany 

July 16 – Slavkov, Czech Republic 

July 18 – Budapest, Hungary 

July 20 – Zvolenska Slatina, Slovakia 

July 22 – Slupsk, Poland 

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