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Laith Al-Deen12/06/2024

Laith Al-Deen releases his new single ‘Neu Geboren’ from his brand-new studio album ‘Dein Begleiter’ through earMusic.

Laith Al- Deen’s new single ‘Neu Geboren‘ from his brand-new studio album ‘Dein Begleiter’ is out now. Again, an emotional and a lyrical masterpiece from Laith Al-Deen.

Listen to ‘Neu Geboren’ HERE

In his eleventh studio album, Laith Al-Deen once again demonstrates his undeniable ability to tell emotional stories through music. With his warm soul voice, he takes listeners on a journey full of emotion and passion. From enchanting ballads to rousing uptempo pieces, the album offers a diverse range of melodies that will captivate every listener. ‘Dein Begleiter’ is not just an album, but a faithful companion for all those who are inspired by the power of music. Laith Al-Deen once again manages to transcend the boundaries between artist and listener, creating a shared emotional experience that resonates long after the last note has been played.

There is hardly anyone in Germany who has never heard the name Laith Al-Deen. The singer of hits such as ‘Bilder von Dir’, ‘Dein Lied’ and ‘Keine Wie Du’ has had a major influence on German pop from the very beginning, selling millions of records, earning numerous gold discs and top chart positions and creating some captivating songs. Laith entered the German charts at number 3 with his last album ‘Kein Tag Umsonst’.

Listen to ‘Dein Begleiter’ HERE


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