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Lloyd Cole08/05/2023


Flames rising 

The law hides in fear 

Cars burning 

Mob surging near 

It’s warm by the fire 

It’s warmer by the fire 


Hamburg, May 8th – Today, Lloyd Cole releases ‘Warm By The Fire’, the first single from his forthcoming new album ‘On Pain’ via earMUSIC. Inspired by the biblical wildfires that swept across California prior to the pandemic? The end of days warnings of Greta Thunberg? Cole won’t say. Distantly echoing the emotional sentiments of one of his key earlier compositions, ‘Warm By The Fire’ is a JG Ballard story in miniature. ‘Warm By The Fire’ is written by Lloyd and produced by Chris Merrick Hughes. Lloyd has already released a selection of mixes of the closing song on the album ‘Wolves’. 


Says Lloyd: “Sure, it could be a Ballard story, or it could be a discarded script. It could be a VR game the protagonist is immersed in. It could be happening, it could happen, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe it won’t.” 


On 23rd June ‘23 Lloyd Cole will release his twelfth album as a solo artist. Entitled ‘On Pain’, it features eight new Lloyd Cole songs, four of which are co-written by Commotions founding members Blair Cowan and Neil Clark, who also perform on the record. The album is produced by Chris Merrick Hughes and was recorded in Lloyd’s attic studio The Establishment in Massachusetts. 


Lloyd Cole has announced a UK/European tour in the autumn. Joining Lloyd on stage will be Blair Cowan and Neil Clark as well as Glaswegian Icelandic drummer Signy Jakobsdottir. 

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