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earMUSIC proudly announces a remarkable re-release series of the (almost) entire ANNIHILATOR catalogue.

“METAL II” is the Kick-Off to this long-termed campaign which will unveil special configurations, additional bonus material + exclusive and previously unheard new tunes from the band.

ANNIHILATOR is a Canadian heavy metal/thrash metal band founded in Ottawa in 1984. They are the best-selling Canadian band in their genre, having sold more than three million albums worldwide. ANNIHILATOR is led by co-founding member Jeff Waters. The band has released 17 studio records and numerous Live cd’s, Documentaries, Acoustic sessions, compilations and DVD offerings. Waters is the guitarist, vocalist, studio bassist & writer for Annihilator, as well as a studio owner, producer, engineer and mix & mastering engineer. Killer live shows, lots of touring for more than 30 years and pure, honest Heavy Metal-meets-Thrash Metal music.

Fans have been waiting years and it’s finally happening: the much sought-after and previously unavailable Annihilator back-catalogue is getting a series of reissues via earMUSIC.

Now, “METAL II” kicks off this extensive catalogue campaign that will give you special editions, bonus material, exclusive and previously unreleased tunes: All For You!

In total, there are roundabout 18 records to be released over the next few  years, including the original 2007 version of the “METAL” album.

METAL II has been given an incredible overhaul with the one and only Dave Lombardo (Dead Cross, ex-Slayer) killing the drums and lead vocals “re-invented” by the great Stu Block (Into Eternity).

Waters passed over mixing duties to legendary engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Van Halen) and it was re-mastered by Maor Appelbaum. The guest list on the album is huge with more than a dozen KILLER artists from bands like Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, Nevermore, In Flames, Trivium, Danko Jones, Anvil, The Haunted and Lynam: One big metal party!

The first single from this new recorded METAL II Album will be the song “DOWNRIGHT DOMINATE (feat Alexi Laiho)” airing on November 12th 2021!

When Jeff was asked “Which record would you re-do, if you could and why?”, with no hesitation, it was “Metal”. So, what we have now is a 2021 record that is called “Metal II”, appropriately, featuring all the original guest tracks  from 2007 with Jeff Waters at the helm.

One of greatest engineers/mixers on the planet, Mike Fraser (ACDC, Van Halen), was my first choice to mix this one. It was a challenge as Mike was not brought in to make a record; he was simply there to mix a big mess of tracks that were recorded in 2006 and 2021 and with over 14 players on it. After this difficult mix, I promised Mike that I would do another record with him, from the ground up!”

Waters closes: “Although Alexi Laiho’s shredding in “Downright Dominate” and the Van Halen song “Romeo Delight” were recorded a while back, adding Stu and Dave to these songs gave us all the feeling that “Metal II” is also a fitting tribute to our 2 fallen guitar heroes. Ed and Alexi, R.I.P.

The release of ANNIIHILATOR’s “METAL II” record is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Van Halen and Alexi Laiho!

The presale start is connected to a big competition where fans can win an originally signed ANNIHILATION II – EPIPHONE FLYING V guitar additionally to a virtual meet & greet with Jeff Waters himself!

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PREMIERE Friday 12 at 3 p.m. (CET) Incl. Live Chat with Jeff Waters



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