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New Model Army Unleash Sinfonia On Incredible New Album
New Model Army15/09/2023

“When nothing else makes sense,
music makes sense…” (Justin Sullivan)

One of 2023’s most astonishing albums:
SINFONIA – in stores now

New Model Army’s ‘Sinfonia’ has arrived, and it’s the album they’ve spent a lifetime working towards. It is a triumph in every sense of the word.

From the opening fully orchestral ‘Overture’ – which gently sets the mood before launching full-throttle into ‘Devils Bargain’ – to the closing of ‘Wonderful Way To Go’, it’s an album full of highlights. Performed with Sinfonia Leipzig, conducted by Cornelius During, and arranged by long-time friend and guest-violinist Shir-Ran Yinon, it is a unique take on the band-plus-orchestra approach, yet somehow, distinctly New Model Army.

Once again, the band who have made a career of existing outside the confines of genre take something tried and tested before dismantling and assembling it again in their image.

Sinfonia” is available as a double-CD hardcover Media-book, triple 180g vinyl gatefold, digital download and streaming. All first print CD and vinyl LP editions include the full show on DVD.

A strictly limited earBOOK edition with double-CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 80-page book and an exclusive bonus CD with 8 songs from the band’s SO36 show in Berlin on July 17th 2022, as well as various bundles are available via an exclusive direct to consumer web shop.

More details here:

New Model Army – Sinfonia

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