Last In Line

Last in Line is a band that seems like heavy metal fan fiction, almost too good to be true. And yet, here they are! It was shortly after the way too early death of Heavy Metal legend Ronnie James Dio when his former band colleagues and co-conspirators Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain came together to jam out of love, respect, and nostalgia for the good old days. The co-writers on Dio’s albums “Holy Diver”, “The Last In Line” (from which they took their name) and “Sacred Heart” soon teamed up with esteemed vocalist Andrew Freeman and Last in Line was born!

Sure, it would have been easy to follow the path of least resistance and just become a living tribute to the band Dio but that wasn’t the right way to do this. Last in Line was the beginning of something new while respecting what and who had come before.

The debut album was released in 2016, landing at #1 on the Billboard Heat-Seekers Chart. Initially, the release had been preceded by tragedy when bassist Jimmy Bain unexpectedly passed away. Last in Line, honouring what they knew would be Bain’s wish to keep the band moving, brought in renowned bassist Phil Soussan (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Billy Idol) and committed to sustained touring.

In 2022, Last in Line surprised with a unique version of the Beatles classic “A Day in the Life” which has been released on the Limited 12” Silver Collector’s EP with the same name.

In 2023, Last in Line are at the top of their game. On their new studio album “Jericho” Campbell delivers his signature flamboyant guitar playing, Appice and Soussan shake foundations with their unmistakable grooves, and Freeman's vocals are just one of the best of his generation. The 12 tracks boast big guitar riffs and solos, they’re catchy, and full of energy! Vinny Appice invites us: “All the musical forces of Last in Line are combined here for a super-powerful new record! ...Press play and put your seatbelts on!!”

31/03/2023 Last In Line
Last in Line, the band comprised of some of the most influential musicians in Rock history, including Vivian Campbell on guitar, Vinny Appice on drums, Andrew Freeman on vocals, and Phil Soussan on bass, release their long-awaited new studio album “Jericho” today.
20/01/2023 Last In Line
Today, together with their label earMUSIC, frontman Andrew Freeman, bassist Phil Soussan (ex-Ozzy Osbourne) and former Dio comrades-in-arms Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) and Vinny Appice (ex-Black Sabbath) announce the release of their third studio album “Jericho”, out on March 31st, 2023.
29/07/2022 Last In Line
Last In Line Release The Beatles A Day In The Life Along with EP
Last In Line release their single and video for 'A Day In The Life' today featuring members of Def Leppard, Ozzy, Black Sabbath and Dio.
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