The Damned

Following their formation in 1976, The Damned became the first UK punk band to officially release a single, “New Rose,” and an album “Damned Damned Damned”. With 10 studio albums and several UK chart singles, the band are pioneers who emerged from the London punk scene, earning an ever-expanding fan base fueled by legendary live shows. Their dark lyrics and Dave Vanian's rich baritone vocals also catapulted The Damned to the forefront of the Goth-Rock Genre.

28/10/2022 The Damned
The Damned 'A Night Of A Thousand Vampires' is here
Immersive, theatrical, and genre-defying - the new album from The Damned is here.
by Kevin
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27/07/2022 The Damned
The Damned A Night Of A Thousand Vampires Announced
The Damned, will release the long-awaited 'A Night Of A Thousand Vampires' on 28th of October, 2022.
by Kevin
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