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Deep Purple Soundboard Series Announcement
Deep Purple02/09/2022

Deep Purple is one of the most influential and inspiring bands of all time. Five decades in to their career, they are still achieving ‘Top 10’ albums upon release, and performing consistently successful tours worldwide. ‘The Soundboard Series’ provides previously rare concert performances from the archives, remixed and remastered, to the finest audio quality.

‘Live In Hong Kong 2001’ captures Deep Purple playing one of the city’s largest venues at their raw, purest, rock ‘n’ roll best.

‘Live In Tokyo 2001’ took place over two nights, and is regarded amongst the fans as a stand-out from their live repertoire. Unique in approach to ‘Live In Hong Kong’, the band collaborated with the Shin Nihon Philharmonic Orchestra, and the legendary Ronnie James Dio to deliver an astonishing performance. That it also contains Jon Lord’s peerless ‘Concerto’, is just the icing on the cake.

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