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Long Distance Calling and earMUSIC join forces

earMUSIC is delighted to welcome Long Distance Calling and look forward to working with the band on their future releases.

Long Distance Calling is an instrumental band from Münster. Rock, metal and progressive fans in Germany know the band very well, since their unwavering support has helped put them in the Album Top 10 charts with their last album.

We are very excited about the collaboration with Long Distance Calling, one of the most exciting instrumental rock bands in Germany. Listening to their new music, we could not be more convinced that it is finally the time for them to conquer the attention of the many fans of intelligent, uncompromising great progressive rock all over the world.

The music of Long Distance Calling is instrumental, it is universal, full of emotions and meaningful. Music with no lyrics can indeed tell a story and Long Distance Calling will surely bring a lot of joy to the worldwide rock community through its purity and intensity.

Fans of great music from all over the world, discover your new favourite band.

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