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Swedish Grammis nominees for best Hard Rock, H.E.A.T releases new music video to the song ‘Best of The Broken’

Swedish Grammis nominees, for best Hard Rock, H.E.A.T release new music video to the song ‘Best of The Broken’ where they have invited their fans to be a part of the video!

“Theres always two sides of the music business. Bands and artists constantly produce material and music videos and the fans are supposed to listen, watch and consume. That’s boring.
We invited music lovers to take part in the art and share the spotlight and the directors chair with us.
There has been a high level of interest and involvement from the online community and the result is both different and entertaining.  If you’re somewhat of a rocker, there’s a good chance that you recognize one or many familiar faces both from the community and from the rock scene”.


16 Feb         Tokyo
17 Feb         Osaka
5 May          Melodic Rockfest (headliner), Chicago

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